our agile approach

We espouse an Agile approach to software development. What does that mean? Rather than delivering your software solution in one big hit after the development is complete (known as the ‘Waterfall’ method), we deliver it incrementally, so you can realise business benefits far earlier in the development lifecycle.

As a method, Agile is much better suited to the fluid, fast-moving world of software development than waterfall. It’s like comparing a dolphin to an oil tanker. Currently many businesses are trying to move from Waterfall to Agile because the business benefits are irrefutable. However, we are seeing time and again that the transformation process is not an easy one and moving to an Agile culture can be difficult. Our team has proven experience of injecting ourselves into the development area and acting as the catalyst that shows the rest of the development team just how Agile should be done, while also delivering quality software and business benefit at a rate that surprises and delights our customers,

Agile software development depends on close collaboration with the client, with a regular flow of feedback informing each new iteration. We work as a team to deliver the key components of successful software solutions: solution architecture, Agile project management and development and testing.

solution architecture

You can change a column without having to bring the whole bridge down. We have the combined expertise to design and deliver technical and solution architectures that stand the test of time.

With more than 70 years’ experience between us, spanning a wide variety of projects, we have learnt first hand what works and what does not, as well as the importance of continuing to learn from each new engagement. Drawing on this experience, we have developed the right method for dissecting complex client requirements and reassembling them as a solution that exceeds end user expectations.

Agile project management

Why wait till next year for the software you need now? Our approach to project management combines a blend of disciplines with an Agile philosophy that enables you to get the solutions you need when you need them.

A key component of our team’s success is to combine more traditional project management disciplines for aspects such as project governance while leaving the development team alone to deliver quality software quickly using Scrum. We have found that combining the Project Manager and ScrumMaster role has led to far better communication and engagement with senior business stakeholders, as well as removing blockers to allow the team to do what they do best – develop top quality software at a lightning fast pace.

development and testing

Dolphins are intuitive but they also learn from experience. We apply not only the experience gained along the road for each project but also our collective experience of more than 70 years to form a method of continual improvement, which we call ‘The Dolphin Way’.

We have taken the time to note every shortcoming of the processes, methodologies and practices that we have used to help us develop and tune what we believe to be the most efficient, effective and rewarding way to develop quality software. With a background in financial services, we have learned the shortcomings of Agile adoption techniques in that sector and designed our method to be both Agile and Reassuring in terms of commitment and delivery.

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