clients case studies

from financial services to f-f-f-fade away, our client portfolio includes enhancements, inducements and entertainments that have improved the bottom line across a range of industries.

Immersive Album

interactive apps for creative industries

Business goal: To develop and launch a groundbreaking ‘immersive’ mobile app to celebrate the start of The Who’s 50th anniversary tour… in two months!

Solution: Working closely with Universal, we designed a number of unique features, including the ability to stream music from multiple providers across iOS and Android platforms, plus ‘experiences’ that allow the user to interact with the music in a new way. The deadline was challenging but by adopting Agile methods we delivered on time.

Insurance comparison platform

Business goal: To improve the usability of the website with the aim of increasing conversion rates of users to actually purchase insurance products via the portal.

Solution: We managed the redesign of the car insurance quote engine, including usability testing. Once the design was finalized, we then managed its implementation. Post-launch conversion rates rose significantly.

The Pension Protection Fund

UK pensions 'lifeboat' fund

Business goal: To improve the system for invoicing defined benefit pension schemes, so invoices go out earlier and more accurately.

Solution: We managed the delivery of system enhancements of the PPF levy system within a tight timeframe. The number of incorrect invoices sent out was reduced significantly to less than 0.5 per cent and the time it took to invoice 90 per cent of schemes was also reduced, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost interest.


specialist in technology, finance and administrative services

Business goal: To design and deliver a best of class workflow management system.

Solution: By applying Agile methods, we were able to double the productivity of the delivery team during the development of a world class workflow platform.


mutual funds and financial services group

Business goal: To help fidelity successfully adopt the Agile framework Scrum.

Solution: Implementing Scrum was a relatively new initiative at Fidelity and the process was proving a challenge. We were able to modify and improve the way Scrum had been applied and gain significant benefits for the business as a result.


professional services company – one of the big four auditors

We are currently engaged with one of KPMG’s largest international financial services clients in the solution design and integration of a very complex platform, which uses multiple technologies and teams spread across the world.

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