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Blue Dolphin Software was formed as the result of a passion shared by the founders, Fred Scefi and Tim Tuohy, for creating a better way to deliver business value through software while enjoying what we do.

We set out to be recognised experts in understanding exactly what our clients are looking for and delivering a quality product with a speed and efficiency that will exceed your expectations.

One of the key development projects we are currently working on leverages blockchain technology. We are exploring how smart contracts could disrupt insurance, gambling, mortgages and other business sectors by developing our own smart contracts using Ethereum.

We strongly believe that we are in an era that needs broadminded specialists rather than know-it-all generalists and the value of team formation and cohesion should never be underestimated. Our strength lies in our collective skillset and the synergy within our team.

We do not send individual consultants to different client sites to work on disparate projects, we go in as one team whose members have worked together, respect each other’s qualities and have a clear understanding of each other's roles and responsibilities.

Which means that when you engage Blue Dolphin Software you engage a team that has done the forming, storming and norming and comes to you already performing.

who we are

fred scefi

Fred has 18 years of IT and technical expertise and a demonstrable track record of success in developing and implementing technical and IT solutions. As well as being a technician, he also has a strong aptitude for assembling development teams and keeping them motivated and productive. Fred is a driven, innovative, multitasker and problem solver, and his strengths lie not only in managing people and daily IT operations but, crucially, in understanding the real business benefits to be gained from having first class IT solutions to drive a business forward.

tim tuohy

Tim brings with him 15 years' experience as an IT project and programme manager and 20+ years in financial services. With a focus on delivering business value, he has experience of both traditional and Agile project management methods and has successfully managed multimillion pound budgets and teams of 100+. Tim has spent a large part of his project management career overseas: Johannesburg, Copenhagen, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. This diversity of experience has helped to enhance his approach to project management and understand how to get the best out of his teams.

Connor McCarthy

Conor has over 20 years of experience as a software developer and architect across many business sectors, including manufacturing, retail, entertainment and financial services. He has a particular focus on using the Microsoft stack to create well-integrated applications and robust Devops processes.

Michael Harrington

Michael is a software consultant with considerable experience both in hands-on implementation and in leading enterprise development teams. His background includes the telecommunications, engineering, GIS, geospatial data services and financial sectors, as well as a period at Microsoft Consulting Services. He specialises in building and architecting enterprise web applications using the Microsoft technology stack and contemporary UI presentation frameworks.

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